All on Four / All on Six

All on Four

A detailed clinical and radiological examination is required for patients who are scheduled for All-On-4 treatment. A suitable planning is made for the patient by making measurements on the x-ray. The All On Four procedure consists of two stages as surgical and prosthetic procedures. On the day of the treatment, your teeth that need to be extracted are extracted, bone powder graft and membrane are added if necessary on the same day. 4 dental implants are placed on the upper jaw and lower jaw, which are suitable for planning in the form of rapid loading. Afterwards, measurements are taken for temporary teeth. Within 3 days, the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the dental implants. After 3 months, permanent dental prostheses are made to the patient.

All on Six

The All-on-6 treatment is designed for emergency use. This procedure is used to replace the entire set of upper or lower teeth. Many patients have benefited from teeth restored with All-on Six treatment and it is a much stronger and healthier prosthesis among prostheses. It shows that the All On Six procedure is a treatment method with a high success rate in long-term follow-ups. Patients who attend regular checkups after treatment use their teeth without any problems for years. Over time, implants placed in the chin adhere to the jawbone, mimicking natural roots and giving you a more natural smile. Do not forget to ask your doctor about oral hygiene after treatment!

Duration of Treatment:
4 Days
Pain Level:
An Aesthetic Smile is Guaranteed!
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Location: Izmir / Bayrakli

Dental Implant

  • It does not require any operation or preparation on other teeth.
  • It can be applied to all missing teeth in the presence of appropriate indications.
  • The operation takes a short time.
  • The pain is minimal.
  • Implants prevent retraction in the gums and loss of bone. Therefore, implantation is very
    healthy and is one of the most preferred treatment methods today.

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