Laminated porcelain is a type of porcelain restoration used to change the color, form and position of anterior teeth with a special bonding technique. The desired smile can be achieved in a very short time thanks to the laminates that imitate the natural teeth. It is applied with only a little abrasion of the tooth enamel of your natural tooth.

Duration of Treatment:
4 – 7 Days
Pain Level:
An Aesthetic Smile is Guaranteed!
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Location: Izmir / Bayrakli


  • There is no color change in the porcelain leaf material used.
  • It has a stronger and more durable structure than it is thought.
  • It exhibits an aesthetically beautiful appearance
  • It can be applied to only a few teeth, as well as to all teeth.
  • Provides an appearance very close to the real tooth.
  • It has a smooth structure
  • It is resistant to breakage and cracking. It is resistant to pressure

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