Dental filling is the restoration of decayed or broken teeth using various materials. With the substances used during the procedure, it is aimed to restore the lost functions of the teeth. To obtain healthy results, it is necessary to process before decay progresses. The later it is done, the less likely it is to save the tooth. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to consult a dentist when tooth decay or breakage occurs. Dental filling is a special procedure with different types, such as amalgam filling.

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Why Is Tooth Filling Treatment Performed?

Tooth filling is an operation to save the tooth completely. If people want, they can have different applications to replace the completely lost tooth. However, the general advice of dentists is to preserve the natural tooth as much as possible. Therefore, in case of tooth decay or simple fractures, filling should be preferred instead of having the tooth extracted directly. You should know that no application to replace your natural tooth will be as efficient as saving your own tooth.

In Which Situations Is Tooth Filling Performed?

Teeth that are damaged due to many reasons both have an aesthetically bad appearance and cannot perform their chewing activities as before. In this case, different types of fillings are needed for the tooth to become as efficient as before. Composite filling is one of the popular filling types preferred. Filling applications are procedures applied to people who have decayed or broken teeth but do not want to lose their teeth.

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