Patient Roadmap

To establish corporate culture with a management approach open to communication and sharing and the principles of continuous improvement.

To provide the security of our employees, to support them with training considering the fact that they are of value.

To ensure that our patients recover their oral and dental health in accordance with technological innovations and scientific developments.

To adopt a quality awareness focused on patient’s expectations and satisfaction, to provide necessary standards for this purpose.

To provide a roomy and secure environment for our patients and employees by ensuring the constant renewal of the physical environment.

CONTACT After your inquiry, a medical consultant will get in touch with you to give detailed information about your procedure.


TREATMENT The detailed treatment will be prepared by our
doctors. Our aim will be giving best possible treatment suits for you.


OPERATION Your appointments, accommodation and transfers will be arranged by our operation team. Then you will fly out here for your scheduled treatment.


AFTERCARE After all your checkups and doctor’s
approval , you will fly back home. Our team will be in touch with you regularly for further checkups.