19. Izmir tram lines, which started to serve at the end of the century, were abolished in 1954. Automobile traffic increased greatly in the decades following the decommissioning of the tram lines, and in the early 2000s, traffic density in the central areas of the city reached disturbing levels

in 2009, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality published a general transportation plan for the city. The plan consisted of three new tram lines to be built in Konak, Karsiyaka and Buca. These three lines were to be integrated with the city’s metro line, as well as two suburban railway lines. The construction process was expected to start at the end of 2011, but this date was postponed until 2015 due to the delayed Environmental Impact Assessment Report.in 2013, the Municipality obtained the necessary financing from the Ministry of Development and completed the final system plans in 2014. Buca tram was removed from the finalized plan due to pressure from the Ministry of Transport. November April Altay – Halkapınar Construction process started in April 2015 on the T1 (Alaybey – Ataşehir) Tram Line and in November 2015 on the T2 (Fahrettin Altay – Halkapınar) Tram Line.

The first tram vehicles were delivered in 2016 and the 85th tram cars were held in August the same year. It was exhibited at Izmir International Fair. The rest of the vehicles were delivered in February 2017.Marched April 11 Karsiyaka tram 2017, Konak tram entered service on March 24, 2018. Works are underway for the extension of the Karsiyaka tram to Çiğli.

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