Product Description and Distinctive Features: Izmir Kumru is a product prepared by placing Izmir Tulum Cheese, tomatoes, peppers inside Izmir Kumru Bread and served cold or cooked on charcoal sausage, salami and cheddar cheese and served hot by placing tomatoes. Izmir Dove Bread can be made with or without chickpea yeast. Sandwich bread, which is called dove bread because it resembles the body of a bird in shape with its structure, the middle part of which is wider and thins towards the end parts, is the element that gives the Izmir Dove its most important feature.

Pigeon, which has been produced in Izmir for about 150 years and consumed almost every day by the people of Izmir, was initially consumed cold, but after the 1940s, sausage, salami and cheese were put between them like sandwiches and also started to be consumed hot. Dec. The shape of the Izmir Kumru bagel, which is a completely Izmir-specific taste created by the baker’s artisans as a new product based on the harmony of the bagel known as “crisp” in Izmir province, is different from the usual round and hole-in-the-middle bagel shape and has the appearance of a dove. In the early periods when it was made, only cheese, tomatoes and green pepper were squeezed into the kumru bread, but today there are more abundant and satisfying varieties of the material with the addition of sausage, salami and melted cheese, also known as “Fountain Kumru” and differentiated by heating in a toaster. Izmir Kumrus is an appetizing taste nowadays mostly eaten by those who can’t make it to lunch in the afternoon or as a snack for afternoon teas, with tulum cheese, tomato and green pepper appearing in it.

The distinctive feature of Izmir Kumru is due to the fact that the Izmir Kumru Bread used in its production has been produced by Izmir baker masters using a manufacturing method that includes many stages with methods that have been going on for many years, and the product has been identified with the city of Izmir with its reputation and recognition from the past.

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