History, Definition and Distinctive Features of the Product: Izmir Boyoz is a type of pastry that has been produced since the Ottoman period in Izmir province, where various cultures have been interacting throughout history, and has survived to the present day. Izmir Boyozu made in houses has a 500-year history. The fact that it is the subject of trade has taken place recently.

Izmir Boyoz is obtained by baking the dough prepared with wheat flour, water and salt after it is given a round belly shape. The product is slightly caramelized in color, which does not have the appearance of uncooked or burnt. Defects such as dispersion and breakage do not occur in the structure of the product. Its shape is round, and each product is produced in similar sizes. Its diameter is 7-9 cm, and its thickness is in the range of 2.5-3.5 cm. There are no burns, foreign taste or smell. It disperses easily in the mouth, it is neither too hard nor too soft in structure.

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